Equipment of BF Zavod company allows to produce beams with sinusoidal type of corrugation.
Corrugated beams are produced in accordance with TU U V.2.6-28.1-35512066-001:2010.
Rolled steel used for the manufacture of corrugated beams must meet the requirements of the relevant state standards or technical conditions for its delivery. When selecting grades of rolled steel, responsibility level of buildings and constructions, as well as conditions of their manufacture and operation in accordance with DBN B.2.6-163:2010, “Steel structures” shall be taken into account. The basic material for welded metal building structures is steel supplied in the form of sheets and coils.
We use only high-quality, certified materials.

Advantages of SIN beams

The special sheet-steel corrugation technology gives the SIN beam a higher load-bearing capacity at an optimum dead weight compared to similar I-beams. Due to the optimal distribution of the material over the cross-section, the SIN beam can withstand high loads, which guarantees the stability of the building structure as a whole.

Low metal capacity (up to 60% lower than that of analogues) and, accordingly, low weight lead to lower costs for the construction of foundations;

Quickness and ease of installation can significantly reduce the budget of the entire construction;

Lack of waste also has a positive impact on the budget of the process.

When there is a need to make changes during installation, to dismantle the building or move it to another location, it can be done quickly, accurately and without major losses.

The original appearance of the SIN beam allows it to become a distinctive design element.


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Produced: 42,000 tons of metal structures

Built-up area: 1,337,000m2

Produced: 327,000m2 of PIR sandwich panels

Exported: 6,200 tons of metal structures

We offer a range of works to complete QEB buildings from sandwich panels PIR, including design of any complexity.


We also implement re-design for SIN beam use, which allows you to get savings of up to 30% of metal capacity.

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Specialists of BF Zavod carry out projects at the stage of architectural solutions (AS), reinforced concrete structures (RCS), metal structures (MS) and details of metal structures (DMS); foreign projects are adapted to Ukrainian requirements. Cooperation with BF Zavod allows our customers to minimize the terms of development of drawings.

Projects implemented by BF Zavod include industrial objects (factories and plants), agricultural objects (poultry farms, barns, pig farms, etc.), agricultural objects (vegetable and fruit storage), logistics centers, railway stations, shopping and entertainment centers and office centers.