Granary. Ostrozhany

The use of metal structures in commercial construction opens up many opportunities for optimizing the cost of building construction, significantly increases the operational period, and facilitates installation and handling operations. Progressive building materials made of metal, such as: bent profile, sin beam, pir panel, make it possible to reduce the cost of production even at the design stage. Even if the preliminary design is implemented without taking into account the use of such components, optimization or redesign can be carried out.

Plant for the production of corrugated board and other metal structures – BF Zavod has production facilities and its own engineering department. This guarantees partners and customers to receive a modern and efficient solution in any field.

The granary in Ostrozhany is an example of a modern agribusiness building designed and built-in cooperation with our company. The pir panel and other technological materials were used in the construction, which will ensure the long-term operation of the building.