Animal farm. Kazakhstan

Most of the buildings that are being built for the tasks of the agricultural complex have increased requirements for safety, ergonomics and operation. In this regard, the obligatory conditions for construction is the use of modern building materials. For example, a livestock farm in Kazakhstan, for which materials were supplied by BF Zavod, was built using modern steel structures. Anchor blocks became the basis of a reliable and durable foundation, pir wall panels were used in wall structures, a bent profile and a sin beam were used for the building frame.

It is necessary to plan the use of such materials at the design stage. This will reduce the cost of the building and optimize the amount of materials. Even if the original design does not include the use of sin beams, with the help of the design department of the plant, it is possible to redesign and make the building project more profitable. Also, when designing, it is worth considering the requirements for fire safety. Fire protection of metal structures, which can be carried out directly at the production site, will help to solve this problem.